Can You Really Get In Shape In 2 Months With a Proper Workout and Diet Plan?

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Naturally, we human beings always want to get to a desired goal with minimum effort and time spent. The idea of quick “get in shape fast” exercise and diet routines is very appealing to us because it fills that desire and tells us exactly what we want to hear. Imagine someone 40 pounds overweight, eating an unhealthy diet with no physical activity and suddenly he gets a strong motivation to get fit.

Of course this person is not at the level where he would consider a complete lifestyle change, but he is willing to do what it takes to go through a diet and exercise for a certain period of time like 2 months. Is it really possible for this individual to get in great shape in just 2 months?

I believe with great guidance, the right knowledge and some luck you can make wonders in just 2 months. The main problems however are discipline and knowledge. Usually people who are searching for fast muscle building and dieting solutions have the wrong mindset that you don’t have to hustle and work hard to achieve something like a great physique and that ultimately destroys any chance of getting good results since they are not willing to put the effort in even for a shorter period of time. Lack of knowledge is even a bigger issue, information age and internet gave us the possiblity to learn tons of new stuff. The problem here is that mos of the fitness and diet related stuff you find online is either outdated, totally false or pulled out of context. Here’s a little example story from one of my clients who likes to read fitness articles.

Trying to get in shape in 10 weeks: A short weight loss client story

3 months ago I had a client who wanted to lose 10 pounds as fast as possible. When he explained just how bad he wanted to lose those extra pounds I was sure he’ll be able to do it. It’s been a while since I saw such strong will and desire toward weight loss in a client. He was also surprised when I told him that with the workout and meal plan I designed for him he can safely burn around 1lbs of fat per week without ever getting the weight back.

Anyway to cut the story short, it was all good in the first 3 weeks, he lost around 3.5lbs on the weight scale (some of it probably water weight) but after that the numbers remained the same for about 2 weeks. I knew something was wrong because the numbers just didn’t add up, he was supposed to be 500kcal below maintenance every day which leads to steady weight loss every week. Since I was with him the whole time in the gym I knew the workouts were good so it had to be the diet.

So we sat one day and I asked him to write down everything he ate that day. After reading the food list and quantity I got to admit it was ALMOST the same as the meal plan I designed. The problem however was that he read on some blog how extra virgin olive oil helps you lose more fat and he thought it would be a good idea to add a table spoon of oil to his salad which he ate 4 times a day…Don’t get me wrong, olive oil is great and healthy but those 4 table spoons of olive oil are roughly 480kcal which brought my client back to maintenance calorie intake every day and stopped his body from burning fat reserves.

This is an example of how a small error which at first glance doesn’t seem like a big deal can make a difference between getting and not getting results. Luckily I was tracking his weight scale numbers and we fixed the problem quickly but for most people who read this stuff online and don’t have a nutritionist or a personal trainer they don’t really know what’s going on, they just see that there are no results.

5 Most common diet and exercise mistakes from people that want fast results

  1. Unrealistic expectations – Don’t expect to “turn” 20 pounds of fat into muscle in just 1 month even if the program you bought says so. Be modest, do you really think years of unhealthy lifestyle can be fixed within a couple of weeks?
  2. Not doing the grind – Think about just how intense your workouts really are. Typically individuals start off very hard and motivated, it’s too bad that it last for only about 2 weeks. They usually stop at the first sign of tougher muscle soreness or after finding an excuse like “I don’t have time etc…” Is it just me or does 1 hour fly faster in front of a PC monitor and TV than it does in the gym?
  3. Variations of the prescribed diet – If you want results stick to the numbers your nutritionist or online calculator calculated. Don’t add or remove anything from the diet no matter if you read somewhere it’s healthy, burn fat or makes you 10 times stronger. Any change that might seem small to you can mean a big difference on a weekly basis.
  4. Not tracking progress – Only way to know if the diet is working is to track progress. Use a weight scale and measure yourself every week always at the same time with the same weight scale. Ideally Monday morning on empty stomach after toilet, make it a habit and write down your numbers. If they aren’t going down you need to change something.
  5. Not willing to give up small pleasures to reach a bigger goal – Next time someone offers you a cookie, ice cream or a candy bar say NO. Some sacrifice is necessary if you want to reach your goal. I don’t believe those 30 seconds of pleasure while eating a snickers bar is worth being unhealthy and out of shape.

I hope you learned some new concepts from this article that you can apply in your own fitness journey. Remember in the end that effort always brings results and the fastest way to reach your goal is to hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

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