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Muscle Milk Review: The Good And The Bad

Produced by Cytosport, Muscle Milk is a lactose-free protein-enhanced formula aimed at providing sustained energy and recovery for fitness lifestyles. Since its original release in 2000, Muscle Milk has become one of the most recognizable brands in sports supplements. Containing a calculated blend of varied proteins, valuable fats, low-sugar carbohydrates and 20 vitamins and minerals, Muscle Milk protein powder is a versatile performance drink.

A Brief History

Started by the father and son team of Greg and Mike Pickett in 1998, Cytosport first began manufacturing Muscle Milk in 2000.

Due to its broad appeal and superior flavor, Muscle Milk quickly became the top-selling supplement in GNC by 2008. It is now available in convenience stores and supermarkets, purchased by all types of consumers – not just athletes.

The Muscle Milk Family

Though most widely recognized in its powder form, Muscle Milk actually boasts a variety of products in its family. Available in unique flavors like banana-chocolate, cake batter, cookies & cream and staples like vanilla and chocolate, muscle milk is good for you and tastes delicious. In addition to the powder, Muscle Milk is available as a sports drink, as protein bars and even infused in single-serving oatmeal.

Muscle Milk Review – The Good

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If you have ever asked the question ‘is Muscle Milk good for you’, the answer is yes. Based on its wide range of applications for athletes due to its complex formula, Muscle Milk is an ideal performance product. Whether an athlete is training to gain or maintain lean muscle mass or simply seeking a cross-functional supplement to add to their diet, Muscle Milk can address all of their fitness requirements. Somewhat overlooked at times is the immense difference in taste between Muscle Milk and its competitors. Not only does Muscle Milk offer over 20 flavors to suit all palates, but each is considered vastly superior in flavor by most consumers. Its delicious taste and variable delivery methods have made Muscle Milk an extremely popular supplement choice.

Muscle Milk Review – The Bad

Though its tremendous popularity and notoriety cannot be matched in its market, there are some criticisms of Muscle Milk that should be noted. The main issue for most in consuming Muscle Milk rather than other strictly protein-based supplements is the relatively high fat and calorie levels. For those wishing to strictly consume protein and maintain or lose body weight, depending on fitness routine and metabolism, Muscle Milk may lead to undesired weight gain. Additionally, Muscle Milk – specifically its chocolate powder – was reported to contain high levels of certain heavy metals, a Consumer Reports study found. Individuals should consider these issues before implementing Muscle Milk into a diet.

One of the largest and most recognizable brands in sports nutrition, Muscle Milk is a highly versatile performance supplement. It’s fantastic flavor, balanced formula and varied delivery methods have led to its overwhelming popularity in mainstream markets. As with all supplements, knowing the pros and cons of all products one consumes is of utmost importance.

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