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The Best Jogging Pants For Men, Jogging Pants For Women, And The Cheapest Places You Can Buy Them

The Best Jogging Pants For Men, Jogging Pants For Women, And The Cheapest Places You Can Buy Them

Not every pair of pants is created equal. Most people will say that when they are looking for the best jogging pants they want comfort and durability. Those two qualities in a pair of jogging pants is the most basic.

Others may want to find a pair of pants that look good on them and are somewhat stylish. Others are concerned about the type of material the pants are made out of, while others want a certain type of color. And probably what most people are concerned about is to find cheap jogging pants.

Whether you are a more basic person who just wants a pair of jogging pants that hold up overtime or whether you are a more synchronized person who likes to look good, while feeling good, then either way there are plenty of pants to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the types, starting with men’s jogging pants.

The Best Jogging Pants For Men

I being a male don’t really care about how I look when I go jogging. Other males may say the same but may not feel the same way. So when I choose

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clothes to wear when I workout or go jogging I choose comfort over everything else. But if you are the type of person who wants comfort, but also wants to look good, then read below as I have outlined a list of the best jogging pants that I have come across.

Champion Jersey Pants

These pants are probably the most basic pair of jogging pants ever, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. They are made from cotton and nylon (60% cotton). These cotton jogging pants are just like your Sunday sweatpants, but better! They are breathable so you don’t have to worry about sweat build up and they have a loose fit.

With an elastic band to hold on to your waist they won’t dig into your skin like some other sweat pants I have used. I like these pants the best because I like jogging pants with pockets. Jogging pants that have pockets can sometimes be hard to come by. Finding better pants than Champion Jogging pants is hard.

Adidas Three Stripe Pants

Adidas being the company that makes some of the best running shoes, its no wonder that they make some of the best jogging pants for men. Probably a little more stylish than the Champion pants, these pants are great for inside the gym and even running outside.

These pants come in a variety of colors, ranging from the basic blue to lime green. You can also choose between different colors for the stripes that run down the sides. These are popular among many boxers, power lifters, and ohh yeah; runners. They are polyester, which make them stretch, which is good. I like that these pants have stings to tighten or loosen the waist.

Russell Athletic Cotton Performance Jersey Pants

These are even more basic than their Champion counterpart. Probably not the stylish ones, but probably the most durable. If you don’t care about how you look when running, buy these. For only $15.99, these are a steal.

The Best Jogging Pants For Women

Now I know that women probably have a whole criteria when choosing their jogging pants, but at the same time it’s really not that much different. Women want comfort, but also want to look good while running. They may not be too concerned about durably, but it still is a factor. You wouldn’t want to buy a pair of pants and have them rip when only wearing them a couple of times.

Here are the ones that I researched and found to be the most reliable and ones that had the most positive reviews.

Champion Semi-Fit Fitness Pants

Like I said before, Champion makes some of the best fitness pants you can buy. These pants are durable and as the reviews had said, they are comfortable and you don’t have to worry about them ripping. They are made from cotton and spandex, which helps with comfort, and they are machine washable. They have chafe resistant flat seams, which also helps for comfort.

They are petite jogging pants, but they are long, so you might have to roll them over so they won’t touch the ground while you are wearing them. You can wear them practically anywhere; the gym, around the house, or the store.

Sporthill Flurry Pant

If you can afford the money to pay for these pants then it’s worth it. These pants are made from the best material that dries quicker than any other type of material. Another cool thing about the material is that it’s wind resistant, so if you are running outside in the winter you don’t have to worry about the cold air. Some cross-country skiing teams even wear these to keep the cold out.

They are made from polyurethane and spandex. A bit pricey, but they will hold up over time and will make you look good, no matter what you are doing in them. These are the best winter jogging pants that I have found.