The Ultimate Best Weight Training Supplements Guide For Men And Beginners

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Weight training supplements can make your workout intense with more energy and focus. Although many of the main components that weight training supplements help build muscle and recovery there are many that reduce fat synthesis. They can also help you gain weight if that’s your goal. What ever your goal is, chances are there is a supplement for you. Depending on your budget and how many times you workout it is important how you combine your supplements to get the best gains. Weight lifters call the combination of there supplements “stacks”. After you define your goals then it’s all about finding the right stack for you. Many fitness stores and websites already have these stacks pre made for you. All you have to do is buy them and follow the instructions on the products for proper weight training. Most of the supplements you already know such as pre supplements, post supplements, multivitamins, and creatine. But to excel in your workouts there can also be other benefits that your not taking advantage of, such as casein, bcaa’s, and other natural supplements that you have never heard of.

Weight training Supplements Guide: Step-By-Step

If you are finding it difficult to find YOUR stack then I suggest you check out or take these steps I outlined for you.

Step 1 – Define your goal/goals. Whether you want to gain muscle or just loose weight choose what will want you to love your body and feel good.

Step 2 – Use your goals to define your stack. So for example, if you want to loose weight it would be best to focus on supplements that help you loose weight, like green tea extract. Or if you want more intense workout you will focus more on pre workout supplements. Although it is best to take all different supplements that take care of every aspect of your workouts, you should just focus more on your goals. Use the 80/20 Principe to see the gains you want.

Muscle Chow

Step 3 – After about a while after using your supplements cycle them. It is important to cycle your supplements because many of the effects wear off after a certain time period. I have found this especially true with pre supplements. If you are unsure you could read the directions right on the product. For example the directions on my ginseng bottle says to take ginseng for six months followed by a six-week break. Take into consideration of each of your supplements and decide on how you will cycle them. Some supplements many need to be cycled quicker than others. If that’s the case you can either try a completely different stack with different supplements or you can continue to use some supplements in your existing stack.

Pre workout supplements

Intensity to the max! Pre workouts can boost every sense in your body to help you get an intense workout training. Out of all the supplements for weight training pre workout supplements gives the fastest effects and produce the greatest output to input ratio. If you never tried a pre workout supplement, you’re in for a treat. Twenty minutes after you take a dose of a pre supplement you will want to take on the world. Not to mention your ambition to workout. I like to keep my pre workout supplements simple. I prefer Jack3d over anything. But I also like Musclepharm’s Assault; which just is as good as Jack3d. Most pre workout supplements contain nitric oxide, which is an organic gas that your body uses to push through intense physical strain. It contains oxygen and nitrogen.

Protein Supplements

I don’t think its any secret what protein dose. Many people take it to maximize their workouts because they know that protein is the basic building block for our body. But some may not know there are many different types of proteins that produce different effects, like whey, soy, hydrolyzed whey, whey isolate, and casein. (See below) If you are new to weight training it is best to stick with plain old whey protein. The best whey protein I have come across is Gold standard’s 100% whey. It is pure protein and the flavors taste great. I know many advanced weight trainers that ONLY take whey and they get incredible results. But if you want to venture into protein you should do your own research. I could literally take about protein all day, so I wont waste your time only on protein, except for casein…..


Casein is a form of protein that digests slowly into your body. It is smart to incorporate a regular protein with casein because your will be killing two birds with one stone. Your body will digest the regular protein immediately, where as casein your body will digest it very slowly so your body has more protein to offer your muscles when they need it. Before I used casein I used to wake up in the middle of the night just to feed my muscles protein. But now I can sleep comfortably knowing that casein is still feeding my muscles even after hours after my workout. Not only dose Gold standard make excellent whey, they also make great casein too. Their casein is all natural and works like a charm even when you are sleeping.


Creatine improves your strength as well as your recovery rate. Creatine really is the best overall supplement in the fitness world today. This supplement helps your energy levels and increase your stamina, by helping every cell in your body produces to its highest potential. When writing this, the best creatine I am using is ProMera’s Con-Cret. What makes this insane product is that you only have to take it in small doses for it to work. This means there is no cycling to this product what so every. I have just started taking this product so I cant say too much experience with this product, but even after a couple of weeks Con-Cret is AMAZING!


Multivitamins are taken daily to promote healthy immune systems and overall health. You might be taking a multivitamin already because a lot of people don’t get the necessary vitamins they need in there diet. Multivitamins should be taken by everyone, not only weight lifters. If you don’t already take a multivitamin or want to change yours up try Optimum’s Opti-Men, that is, if you’re a man.

Omega- 3

Fish oil’s maintain healthy heart function and your joints. It is important to bring to your attention that fatty acids are not produced in your body. This is why it’s important to take an omega-3 supplements for your body to function properly and maintain overall health.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Bcaa’s help your muscle repair by producing faster protein synthesis and help promote your endurance. It is also proved that Bcaa’s help you loose weight. Amino acids are essential for your body to function properly.

These are just some of the main supplements that are essential to any weight training program. You can also try several other supplements to gain results such as, complex carbohydrates, green tea extract, and supplements to gain digestive support. There are just too many supplements to mention, so you should perform your own experiments to determine the best weight training supplements for you.

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